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Engage and sell your products to passionate likeminded buyers via livestream.

Become A Seller
Become A Seller on Collektr

Indulge in your passion for collectible items and sell them to the world.

Make $$$ once you're approved and sell from anywhere → both via our marketplace and live auctions.

Collektr makes selling easy for you

Follow these simple and easy steps to get your store up and running!

Register for Approval

If you have a solid inventory or want to start your passion project, apply to be a Collektr seller! We will provide you with our community of collectors eager to grow their own collection.

List Your Products

Upload your products by including product images, description and pricing onto our marketplace to sell your products 24/7.

Host a Live Show

Engage and connect with a live audience and receive real-time feedback. Studies show this can really increase your reach for customers.

Ship Product & Get Paid!

Send the product directly to the customer and get paid weekly when Collektr pays out.

Collektr helps me to attract new customers and it provides a safe and secure platform to transact and auction.

Aziff Fajaruddin

Store Manager - The Collective

Frequently asked questions

Receive answers quickly by going through some of the most frequently asked questions about the Collektr platform.

How do I sell on Collektr?

It's easy! Sign up to be a seller on Collektr and start uploading your products into your store or create your very own livestream auctions! You list the shipping price and ship the product straight to the buyer within 2 business days of the item being sold.

When can I schedule a a live auction?

You can broadcast your live show immediately or schedule it for a later date which your followers will be notified.

What are the fees?

We charge a standard 8% fee in terms of commission which covers payment gateway and operational fees.

What products can I sell?

Any collectibles (e.g., toys, trading card) are allowed to be sold on our platform.

Is it safe?

Yes! Collektr has a dedicated support staff. We have extensive experience in selling collectibles through brick-and-mortar stores. Our top priority is building a safe, reliable and fun marketplace.

Please note that Collektr has a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeits and other illegal activities. If we have identified misconduct from a buyer or seller, they will be permanently banned from Collektr.

Are sales final?

As protection to preserve the integrity of our marketplace and bidding process, all sales are final and all bids are binding and final.

A buyer may receive a full refund on an item at no cost to you if the item was damaged in shipping, the item was clearly sent with damage and does not match the listing photo, an incorrect item was sent to you, the item does not match the condition listed, and/or the item is counterfeit.

What if I want to sell a high value item?

Collektr applies extra protection and diligence for both the buyer and seller in transacting higher value goods.

For high value items above RM500, we ask all sellers to send the high value product to Collektr for verification to ensure it's genuine before sending the item to the buyer.

How is my seller application reviewed?

We are looking for one or more of the following:

  • Significant Selling or Content History: Applicants with an established track record of marketplace sales or content creation in a collectible category (e.g. strong online selling history, involvement in social media selling groups, a brick-and-mortar store etc)
  • Inventory: Applicants that provide strong evidence of the quality and quantity of the inventory they plan to sell